First site visit at St Giles!

Today saw the first site visit to St Giles, to start planning the relocation and building of the garden back at the hospice in Whittington

Jenni Fryer, Adam whitehead & mike lote check out the proposed site

Although in its first incarnation ‘The Moments That Matter’ garden will be a show garden exhibited at RHS Malvern in May 2020, it’s lasting legacy will be as a real life garden back in the grounds of St Giles Hospice, Whittington.

Today we met with Jenni Fryer, St Giles Community Engagement Co-ordinator and project lead on the St Giles side of things and Adam Whitehead, Head of Estates for St Giles Hospice, who manages all of the St Giles sites, including the gardens.

“The plan is to re-site the garden in the area shown in the photograph, just outside the inpatient wing. Each room has its own patio and these will be connected to the garden, so not only will patients and visitors be able to look out onto the garden, they will also be able to go out and actually enjoy using it.

Karen Tatlow, the garden designer and Mike Lote, lanscaping contractor who will be building the show garden at RHS Malvern, will be donating their time to rebuild the garden back at St Giles.

“It’s a big job for just two people so we are looking to reach out to the local community for volunteers and even asking local businesses to donate staff time, to help us recreate the garden back in Whittington.

To find out how you can support the project visit the dedicated website or contact Karen

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