Getting the word out in the local community …

The WFEG Christmas Market in Whittington village saw the first opportunity to get out and about, talking to people about the St Giles Hospice garden project …

karen introduced locals to the project

WFEG – or Whittington and Fisherwick Environment Group – are getting behind the St Giles Hospice garden project and invited Karen to come along to their Christmas Market at the weekend to start spreading the news to the local community.

Karen took the opportunity to talk to people about the project, explaining how exhibiting the garden first as a show garden at RHS Malvern will create additional publicity for St Giles, before bringing the garden back to Whittington and re-building it in the grounds of the hospice for patients, visitors and staff to use.

We also want to use the garden as a way of bringing the local community together to help support the hospice. People can be fearful of coming into a hospice, thinking they are going to be sad, dark places and this project is a wonderful way of helping St Giles to overcome that.

Anyone can get involved. Metal sunflowers – the sunflower being the emblem of the hospice movement – are going to be sold for £20 with 50% of the proceeds being donated to St Giles and 50% being used to fund the garden. The sunflowers will be used as part of an art exhibition at the heart of the show garden, then brought back to St Giles for people to collect if they wish, or leave them for the garden at St Giles.

People can also volunteer their time – for example, helping out with the build of the show garden at RHS Malvern, or after the show back at the hospice grounds in Whittington re-building the garden, or even coordinating the volunteers!

We are also hoping to find local businesses that will help support the project, by donating goods or services, or by sponsoring us financially. We need things like building materials, printing and graphic design, but of course we are also going to need money to pay for some things!

Karen, supported by her husband Tony, talked to well over 100 people during the day.

Everyone was so interested, supportive and positive about the project – it was a joy to speak to so many people. We also took pages of email addresses of people wanting to know more about the project and happy to do their part in spreading the word!

St Giles Hospice, Whittington are hosting an event to launch the project on the 23 January, where Karen will be sharing her experience of creating an RHS show garden last year and plans for the St Giles garden this year. Book your ticket on EventBrite or follow the link;

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