Sunflower ‘Factoids’

Five fun facts you may not know about Sunflowers

Help support the St Giles Hospice garden project and keep spreading the word about SUNFLOWERS!

Metal Sunflowers are being sold to help raise funds for a garden project for St Giles Hospice. The Sunflowers are being sold for £20 each with 50% of the proceeds going to raise funds directly for St Giles and 50% towards the building of the garden, first as a Show Garden at the RHS Malvern Spring Festival in May 2020 and then back in the grounds of the hospice at Whittington, near Lichfield, Staffordshire.

We are aiming to sell 500 Sunflowers, which is a lot of Sunflowers, so we need everybody to help us spread the word.

Anyone can do this just by ‘liking’ and most importantly ‘sharing’ all the posts we are putting out there, either directly from their Social Media pages, or by using the links at the bottom of this Blog.

We thought the ‘Five Fun Facts’ would be interesting to share and maybe we’ll do five more at some point … watch this space!

Karen Tatlow – award-winning Garden Designer and project lead

Fact One

Not all Sunflowers are yellow! Some are Red and some are Purple!

Fact Two

The head of a Sunflower is actually a combination of thousands of tiny flowers and each Sunflower petal is a flower in itself!

Fact Three

The Guinness World of Records records the tallest Sunflower at 30 foot, one inch tall. That’s over 2 double-decker buses high!

Fact Four

There is a Sunflower called the Teddy Bear Sunflower, which has a fluffy head like a stuffed bear! It won the Award of Garden Merit from the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) in 2015.

Fact Five

Only young Sunflowers track the sun – mature Sunflowers face East! Why? Because they warm up faster and can therefore attract up to 5 times more pollinators!

To find out more about the St Giles Hospice garden, visit the project website here

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