100s of metal Sunflowers manufactured to support St Giles Hospice

A sneak preview of how the metal Sunflowers art installation will look in the ‘Moments that Matter’ Show Garden in support of St Giles Hospice.

Buy a Sunflower, help create a unique Art Installation and show your support for St Giles Hospice.

100s of metal Sunflowers have been manufactured to help support St Giles Hospice. Local garden designer, Karen Tatlow, has designed a garden in support of St Giles, which will first be exhibited as a show garden at the RHS Malvern Spring Festival in May 2020, before being moved, piece by piece, back to the hospice in Whittington, where it will be rebuilt as a real garden in the grounds of the hospice, for patients, visitors and staff to enjoy.

The metal Sunflowers (the sunflower being the emblem of the hospice movement), are being sold to raise funds for St Giles and to help fund the building of the garden and will create a unique and poignant art installation at the heart of the garden at the show.

People can buy Sunflowers in support of the project on line at our dedicated project website. 50% of the proceeds will go directly to St Giles and 50% will go to help fund the building of the garden.

They won’t receive their Sunflowers straight away … first the Sunflowers will go to the show, where they will become part of the art installation at the heart of the garden.

After the show, all the Sunflowers will come back to the hospice in Whittington, when, if they choose, people can collect their Sunflowers in person from the hospice, from 18th – 31st May.

After the 31st May, if they wish to leave their Sunflowers at the hospice, they will go to make another art installation in the grounds at Whittington.

Karen Tatlow – garden designer

The Sunflowers are made out of corten steel – a special steel alloy, loved by designers for the natural rusty surface patina, which once developed then creates a protective, weatherproof layer.

When seen together, the natural patina of the Sunflowers creates a beautiful, orangey glow, reminiscent of the St Giles orange.

To make the sunflowers they are first cut out of a large sheet of the steel using a laser cutter. A special programme is used to calculate the best pattern to get the most shapes out of each sheet, with the least wastage.

Next the ‘dimples’ in the centre and the curved edges of the petals are pressed into the metal. Metal is surprisingly malleable, so this is done when the metal is cold and simply stamped into shaped under pressure.

Even as the steel is being moulded in the factory, it begins to develop its trademark rusty patina finish.

We are hoping to sell 500 of the Sunflowers to help us raise funds for the project and we still have 350 to go!

We only have 5 weeks left before we start building the garden at the Malvern showground, so we need everyone to rally round and buy their Sunflowers as soon as possible!

We also need the help of everyone to spread the word, by following the blog and sharing as much as possible on social media, to make sure we reach as many people as we possibly can, to try and make this happen!

Karen encourages everyone to ‘share’ on social media …

To find out more about the ‘Moments that Matter’ garden in support of St Giles Hospice visit the dedicated project website at …


Or contact Karen at

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