Sunflowers Safe and Sound

In response to several enquiries of late … we just want to reassure you, your Sunflowers are Safe and Sound and will be, until we can find a way for you to collect them.

SUNFLOWERS IN A CRATE … Not quite what we had in mind for them originally … !

Remember these beauties?

We’ve not been in touch much lately, following the cancellation of the RHS Malvern Spring Festival 2020, (to be honest there’s not been much to be in touch about !), but the St Giles Sunflowers have all been kept safe and sound and have been weathering beautifully. We think you’ll agree, the patina on the corten steel is looking resplendent in the Autumn sunshine!

Not bad given they started out looking like this …

Rob and Andy of A.T. Services Engineering Ltd very kindly delivered them …

Yours truly watered them … !!!

We kid you not ! Corten steel needs moisture for the weathering process to work, and for a time there it was a bit on the hot and dry side, so believe it or not Karen was in the garden watering the steel flowers !!!

And then they went from this … to this !

And Rolo and Mars have been fiercely guarding them ever since … well sort of …

We hope to be able to share with you, how you can collect your St Giles Sunflowers, very soon. Thank you to everyone for your patience while we continue to try and work this out in a COVID safe way – particularly difficult in the hospice environment and now that regional restrictions have been reinstated.

Watch out for further information on the St Giles Sunflowers coming soon!

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